A Salty Experience (Part II of II)

 Surprise! We went to the beach! Our chaperones decided this the night before.

Only some of us had brought swimsuits, so the rest swam in clothes. The excitement was building as we ate dinner by the sea and as the sun started turning everything golden. 

When we reached the beach, clothes were thrown everywhere and we scurried towards the water. There was no diving in at first, only hesitant walking. The water numbed all feeling but it refreshed. The first dive started a domino effect and pretty soon everyone was plunging in. The hesitant ones got splashed, thrown in, and dunked under. 

Someone said that the salty Mediterranean was reminiscent of the paella we had eaten the night before. 

The light blue of the sky was perfectly complimented with a careful smearing of pink. It was now dusk and we were given a ten minute warning. Our bodies were still arguing with our watches; it did not seem like 10:00 pm. Saltwater still dripped from our hair and our bathing suits made our dry clothes wet even after we tried our best to dry off. 

The group as a whole begged for gelato and we eventually found some. We got the biggest serving possible and finished every drop with no problem. Our salty lips met the cold, sweet gelato in a satisfying symphony. We rode the metro back soaking wet but we didn’t care. We were obnoxious and loud but it was the time of our lives. 

Sincerely enjoying these Spanish memories,

Claire xx


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