People: An Observation 

The Brit is monochromatic. They are black and grey. The only color seen radiates from their surroundings, their city. They wear jackets and hats but never use the umbrellas they carry. They are unfazed by the rain and their shoes are never wet.
The French is fashion. Their unconventional clothing mirrors the runway. The women wear heels on cobblestone and they never trip. They are edgy and they push the boundaries.
The Italian is comfortable and not over the top. They do not live vibrantly through their appearance.

The Spaniard is colorful and practical. They are devoted to their country and most show it through their outer being. They wear their culture on their sleeve.

The European is one with their country and they blend in to the crowd. Their city becomes who they are and they become what their city is.

A sincere observation,

Claire xx


Colors of the World

London is red, this city is bold in everything it does. 

Paris is beige, the buildings express the city’s piece of mind. 

Italy is green, the foliage cannot be ignored even when in the city.

Spain is golden; the landscape, the buildings, and the people wear this color proudly. 

Leaning Tower of Pizza?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans a whole lot more than I expected. It is also smaller than I thought. Tourists can be spotted with their hands in the air like they just don’t care all around the tower (see below). 

When in Pisa . . . 

Sincerely indulging in touristy activities,

Claire xx

Me failing as a tourist (above).


Florence. To me that word means comfort and safety from the hustle of the city life. The peace that transpasses all covers us here. It holds the day of rest. Florence means poppy flowers and trails that lead to blueberries not yet ready to be picked. It means a rolling countryside painted green. It is rainy, but it welcomes opened windows.
I think I like you, Florence.

Sincerely frolicking through the hills,

Claire xx

Venezia, Italia

6/3/16 9:45 a – 17:30 p

Venice is structured from solid color. Everything is dipped in sunshine, the roads are narrow and lively, and bright flowers hang from all of the windows. There are gondoliers in striped shirts rowing gondalas down canals that are clad with bridges. It is just how I imagined it. 

Movies and pictures do not do this city justice. Venice is picturesque in every sense of the word. 

Our time here was short and fleeting, but I would not ask for it any other way. We tasted, felt, heard, and saw it for itself under its beautiful blue Venetian sky. 

The days are sincerely full, 

Claire xx